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The World Needs a Better Solution For Depression, Anxiety & Dementia​

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S. — affecting 40 million adults 18 and over.

Depression affects 1 in 10 American adults — and is the leading cause of disability for those aged 15 to 44.

If you suffer with either condition, you may wonder if your diagnosis has doomed you to a lifetime of expensive, side effect-laden medications.

Or could there really be a way to heal, get off (and stay off) those prescription drugs, and function happily at your best possible level?

The answer is YES — there IS hope for recovery from depression and anxiety

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What Preview Audiences are Saying...


“This is hands-down the best health documentary series that exists! EVERYONE needs to hear this information.” – M. Powell


“I am so happy to find all the information I need all in one place. THANK YOU!”
– H. Purnell


“All I can say is wow. Every minute there is a lightbulb moment. Seriously life changing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – R. Doncaster

Here Is a Peek At What You'll Discover In This Series...

DADS Episode 01 Thumbnail

Episode 1: SSRIs, Antidepressants & Alternative Remedies: Understanding Your Options

DADS Episode 02 Thumbnail

Episode 2: The Gut-Brain Connection: How To Heal Your Gut, To Heal Your Brain

DADS Episode 03 Thumbnail

Episode 3: Living in a Toxic World: The Effect of Toxic Thoughts and Toxic Exposure on Mental Health – and How to Overcome It.

DADS Episode 04 Thumbnail

Episode 4: The Toxic Mind: Unravelling Negative Thoughts For A Brighter Future

DADS Episode 05 Thumbnail

Episode 5: Treatment Without The Side Effects: Supplements, Essential Oils, and Other Natural Approaches to Healing Mental Illness.

DADS Episode 06 Thumbnail

Episode 6: Feeding The Mind: How To Heal Your Brain With Food

Episode 7: How Spiritual Practices can be Powerful Tools to Overcome Depression & Anxiety

DADS Episode 08 Thumbnail

Episode 8: Side-Effect-Free Healing: Using Essential Oils To Enhance The Mind

DADS Episode 09 Thumbnail

Episode 9: Digging Deeper: The Gut, Gluten, Protocols, Detoxification, Dementia & ADHD

DADS Episode 10 Thumbnail

Episode 10: Genetically Modified Organisms & The Brain, Healing Herbs & Minerals and Critical Nutrition

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Here Is a Peek At What You'll Discover...​

While prescription drugs may work well for some, for many they are not only ineffective, but they come with a torrent of uncomfortable side effects, such as:

And, more dangerously, they can make lead to episodes of mania, or even give you a stronger desire to end your own life.

The most tragic part of all of this, is that we’re told this is the only solution.
But it’s not.

I believe you’ve been lied to, by a corrupt medical system, that profits from keeping us sick, or stuck on prescription drugs.

After years of being frustrated with these second-rate methods of treating mental health, I went on my own journey to find real answers. Over the past year, I’ve searched the globe to find lasting solutions – solutions that are truly effective and side effect free. 

And do you know what? I found them – and I’ve put them all in this special documentary series.

I’ve been able to find the best doctors, and the brightest health practitioners, and all the patient success stories. And like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, I’ve brought it all together, so that you can have the whole solution at your fingertips.

This is my mission - to spread this message of hope.​

Your relationships don’t have to suffer. Your career doesn’t have to suffer. Your dreams don’t need to be put on the shelf. You can wake up, excited for the day. You can have a restful night’s sleep – without the anxiety.  You can have fulfilling relationships with the people you love.

You are not defective; you are not faulty. You are exquisitely designed, and I know that with the help of this information, you begin to have the brilliant life you were made for.

If you have ever experienced, or are experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADD, schizophrenia, or Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and dementia, or have a loved one who does – this is for you. You and your loved ones need to hear this information.

The answers are finally here – and it’s my joy to bring them to you for this special screening, at no cost to you.

So please, take action now, and click the button below to reserve your spot for this free screening, and begin your healing today.

Jonathan Otto

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Learn The Latest, Cutting-Edge Research from Our Leading Experts:​


And Your Host, Jonathan Otto

As an investigative journalist and film director Jonathan has produced several popular films covering innovative & effective approaches to cancer, autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative disease, and heart disease. His work has been featured in international TV broadcast, print media, national news, and radio broadcast. He received the awards, Young Citizen of the Year and International Volunteer of the Year by the Australian government for international humanitarian contributions, which he continues to support. He and his wife reside in San Diego, California.

A Message From The Producer, Jonathan Otto

I was so distressed that I actually wanted my wife to take anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications.

I just think there can be some serious ramifications with drugs in general let alone ones that interact with your brain chemistry.

So how did we end up here?

So why didn’t I have the answers to my wife’s chronic depression & anxiety?

You see, we were both so overwhelmed & devastated about the issue of my wife’s rapidly declining mental health, it was tearing our lives apart. She couldn’t function at work. I encouraged her to resign so she could focus on getting better, and she was glad to be relieved of that burden.

Well, I’m Jonathan Otto, and I’m an investigative journalist and a filmmaker. I happen to research every day the most cutting-edge protocols for health, and I share my findings with the world on a large scale, reaching millions of people.

Her anxiety left her overwhelmed and unable to do the simplest of tasks. And her depression even had made her consider taking her own life to end the pain.

We just didn’t know what to do.

I never told her I wanted her to take the psychotropic drugs. I just told her I would support whatever choice she made. But secretly, I wanted her to because I didn’t know what else to do. And the natural “healthy lifestyle” information we were trying wasn’t working.

Today, she stands as one of the happiest people I know. Her smile and laugh is genuine. Her depression is over. Her anxiety is over. She’s finally at peace.

So, what did we discover? How did we change it all?

All I can tell you is that we didn’t do what the mainstream healthcare system told us to do… and we didn’t do the same old “just eat healthy” thing, even though, yes, we ate healthy. But here’s the point…

There were specific, actual causes for her depression & anxiety… and they’re not only common, they’re universal. It wasn’t a chemical imbalance of her brain or a Prozac or Xanax deficiency, which it never is.

We’re going to not only share what we did, but we’re also going to introduce you to all the doctors that helped us.


I travelled around the US, interviewing doctors, scientists, researchers, and depression & anxiety conquerors. We made it our mission that others wouldn’t suffer like we did.

So we’re giving you this 8-episode documentary series that shows you exactly how we overcame…

And how thousands of others have.

If you have ever experienced, or are experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADD, schizophrenia, or Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and dementia, or have a loved one who does – this is for you. You and your loved ones need to hear this information.

The answers are finally here – and it’s my joy to bring them to you for this special screening, at no cost to you.

So please, take action now, and click the button below to reserve your spot for this free screening, and begin your healing today.

I’ll see you on the other side :-)”

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