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Our Upcoming Scheduled Episodes

Available on February 3

Episode 1: SSRIs, Antidepressants & Alternative Remedies: Understanding Your Options

Available on February 4

Episode 2: The Gut-Brain Connection: How To Heal Your Gut, To Heal Your Brain

Available on February 5

Episode 3: Living in a Toxic World: The Effect of Toxicity on Mental Health––and How to Overcome It

Available on February 6

Episode 4: The Toxic Mind: Unravelling Negative Thoughts For A Brighter Future

Available on February 7

Episode 5: Treatment Without The Side Effects: Supplements and Other Natural Approaches to Healing Mental Illness

Available on February 8

Episode 6: Feeding The Mind: How To Heal Your Brain With Food

Available on February 9

Episode 7: Meditation, Prayer, and Trust In God: How Spiritual Practices can be Powerful Tools to Overcome Depression & Anxiety

Available on February 10

Episode 8: Side-Effect-Free Healing: Using Essential Oils To Enhance The Mind

Available on February 11

Episode 9: Digging Deeper: The Gut, Gluten, Protocols, Detoxification, Dementia & ADHD

Available on February 12

Episode 10: Genetically Modified Organisms & The Brain, Healing Herbs & Minerals and Critical Nutrition

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Your relationships don’t have to suffer. Your career doesn’t have to suffer. Your dreams don’t need to be put on the shelf. You can wake up, excited for the day. You can have a restful night’s sleep – without the anxiety.  You can have fulfilling relationships with the people you love.

You are not defective; you are not faulty. You are exquisitely designed, and I know that with the help of this information, you begin to have the brilliant life you were made for.

If you have ever experienced, or are experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADD, schizophrenia, or Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and dementia, or have a loved one who does – this is for you. You and your loved ones need to hear this information.

The answers are finally here – and it’s my joy to bring them to you for this special screening, at no cost to you.

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