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Our Upcoming Scheduled Episodes

Available on February 3

Episode 1: SSRIs, Antidepressants & Alternative Remedies: Understanding Your Options

Available on February 4

Episode 2: The Gut-Brain Connection: How To Heal Your Gut, To Heal Your Brain

Available on February 5

Episode 3: Living in a Toxic World: The Effect of Toxicity on Mental Health––and How to Overcome It

Available on February 6

Episode 4: The Toxic Mind: Unravelling Negative Thoughts For A Brighter Future

Available on February 7

Episode 5: Treatment Without The Side Effects: Supplements and Other Natural Approaches to Healing Mental Illness

Available on February 8

Episode 6: Feeding The Mind: How To Heal Your Brain With Food

Available on February 9

Episode 7: Meditation, Prayer, and Trust In God: How Spiritual Practices can be Powerful Tools to Overcome Depression & Anxiety

Available on February 10

Episode 8: Side-Effect-Free Healing: Using Essential Oils To Enhance The Mind

Available on February 11

Episode 9: Digging Deeper: The Gut, Gluten, Protocols, Detoxification, Dementia & ADHD

Available on February 12

Episode 10: Genetically Modified Organisms & The Brain, Healing Herbs & Minerals and Critical Nutrition

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